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  • Ready to use platform

    Our SaaS platform enables streaming media brands to start operating without a huge upfront investment into custom software and solutions.

  • Do what you do best

    Our total suite of solutions and services allows you to outsource your IT department and lets you concentrate on your primary goal of bringing your unique content to the masses. You do the content curation, we give you the tools to scale.

  • Start Earning

    In addition, AudioAddict, Inc. is integrated with a variety of key streaming media ad technologies and ad agencies allowing you to start monetizing your traffic from day one.


  • Member Management System

    Our platform includes a registration system, allowing your visitors to register for accounts that are stored in a highly secure, redundantly available database. Our platform allows you to communicate with your members, analyze metrics, and enables your visitors to use the same login for your website, mobile apps and throughout our full suite of other services.

  • Subscription Billing System

    Our Subscription Billing System works in tandem with the Member Management System to enable your company to pursue a subscription-based revenue model without the costly investment of developing your own platform. The AudioAddict platform allows you to start charging users recurring or one-time payments for access to your unique content. We handle all payment processing, recurring bill logic and fraud prevention measures. Our platform is PCI compliant.

  • Stream Hosting

    Our streaming infrastructure is spread across locations in the US, Europe and Asia. AudioAddict's stream hosting capability is built directly into our platform so it runs seamlessly alongside our member management and billing system. Running your own hosting services already? This optional feature is easily disabled to allow you to use your own stream hosting as desired.

  • Mobile Apps

    AudioAddict has developed a suite of streaming apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone systems. To reach the very important and growing mobile market, we give you the ability to launch your service on all these systems with AudioAddict's white-label apps. We'll put your brand and content together in an attractive, easy-to-use design and release the apps for you. The best part? The apps work as part of our platform, allowing for member login, subscription tiers and streams powered by our hosting.

  • Advertising Tools & Representation

    AudioAddict's platform is integrated with a number of unique 3rd part advertising technologies which allow you to run advertising campaigns and granularly target your audience. In addition, AudioAddict can represent you in its own advertising network to drive campaigns to your streaming service without any sales efforts on your part. Using our platform not only allows you to get up and running with your service instantly, but you will also begin generating advertising revenue on day one.

Some of our clients presently leveraging AudioAddict's services:

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